Former East German Navy (Volksmarine)

What's happened to the ships? Where are they now?

I am a trustee for the New Jersey Naval Museum, Hackensack. NJ USA.We have been in existence for 26 years as the home of the USS LING a vintage 1944 submarine. The US NAVY had previously acquired the above Tarantul Class Missile Corvette for test and evaluation. Now that this is complete, they are transferring the vessel to us for our new museum in Hoboken, NJ across the Hudson River from New York City.
John M. Carbone, Ridgewood, NJ 07450, USA

There is also a list with all transfers. At the moment it's only a text document but I'm going to convert it to a html table.
We've got these list by Per Nordenberg , Schweden

Now here you can also find the complete ship list. Rainer Freis has sent it to us.