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note: this page is mainly about the German Navy today
These pages were written by Simon Linder and Lars Dolling.
Thanks to Kajo Jung, who is hosting these pages now at the the Reservisten-Server.
We were EW-operators in the German navy. Now we're studying. Unfortunately we haven't got enough time to update these pages anymore ...

Short description of our work:
Simon Linder:
I spent about nine months on "S61 Albatros". This is an fast patrol boat with the type designator PGF (which means "fast patrol boat with guided missile").
Lars Dolling:
I have been for nine months on "F214 Lübeck", a fast frigate with two helicopters. During my time on the "Lübeck" I have taken part in operation "Sharp guard" (UN embargo control of Yugoslavia in the Adriatic Sea) for 3 month, for example.
Kajo Jung:
I started in the navy at 1976 in Bremerhaven at the "Marineortungsschule" with an education for electronics for radar and IFF. Later I came to the "flying Navy" as  radar maintanace. My duty was in Jagel (MFG 1) and Nordholz (MFG3 "Graf Zeppelin"). Last years I´ve been verry ofen there for reserve-ordering ans so I´m working too for the german sites of the "Reservisten-Mailing-Liste"- a meeting-point for active Soldiers and members of the reserve  


btw if you're looking for the address of a former German soldier you've met before and you want to see him again, try it at the addresses on that page. There is a naval FAQ (it's mainly for the military newsgroups).
Maybe it's useful for you.

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